Handmade bespoke furniture in sustainable and beautiful hardwoods

 Berwick Bookcase
 Brackens Dining Table  Lakeside Dining Table
 Walnut Chairs
 Cherry Shaker Table
 Coffee Table & AV Cabinet
 Boxes and Coffers Small Tables 


 Bookcases and Libraries Maple Cabinets
Rock Cottage Table
 A mumbles House
 Wardrobes  Coffee Tables  Boxes and Coffers Small Tables 

Handmade bespoke furniture is beautiful, comfortable and fit for purpose. That much is obvious. But an individual piece designed and handmade specifically for your home, to your specifications and after detailed discussion, should also surprise and delight when you see and touch it for the first time. 

We use, live and work with furniture every day of our lives.  A table is a meeting place, the heart of the family home, the forum around which we direct a business.   Chairs impact every aspect of how we feel when we sit down to eat, to work, and to enjoy the company of others. Handmade furniture is the finishing touch to your home.

Hardwood furniture will mature with you, improve with age, taking something of you with it as it passes down the generations.

Advice about different timbers can be found on the Beauty of Wood page.